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    My Home Office. This is where ideas, projection, concept and execution come to place.


Who am I?

Roberto Jorge - Motion Graphics
My name is Roberto Jorge. I am 34 years old. Have a great passion for Motion Graphics and Photography.

I am a Motion Graphics Designer and a Hobbyist Photographer.

You can read more about me here.

Roberto Jorge - Motion Graphics

What I do?

Roberto Jorge - Motion Graphics
Most of my work is made in Adobe After Effects, just because of the unlimited options that we can have with this great piece of software, the only limitation is our own imagination and our current state of "Know how".

Also because when the hard work is done, i can give my costumers a complex Template, that will be easy to use, modify and render so its not necessary to be a "AE Pro" to have a good looking animation whether its for personal purposes or for professional marketing.

All my After Effects Templates are designed thinking on the end user. Well organized and with extensive tutorials. When creating a video tutorial i always assume that the final user is a After Effects "Beginner" so i explain all necessary "moves" to change / modify, render the templates to achieve the best possible results. I also have in mind the rendering times, so i organize the templates to take the less time possible of rendering time.

Sometimes i also use Cinema 4D in some of my Projects. And recently started working with Apple Motion 5.

My Services

Roberto Jorge - Motion Graphics
I supply different services to my customers depending on the needs, and below you will find a brief description of them:

- Support to my Templates Customers: Even that all my templates have 1 or more video tutorials, sometimes theres is something that you want to do with it that i didn't thought of it or you need more advanced options, so i help the best i can to answer the questions before and after purchases. Usually all my answers are in Video format.

- Customization and Rendering Service:
To use After Effects you dont need to be a "Pro" but sometimes you dont have the time, software or machine power to accomplish your animation, so i provide this service to my own templates or others - Read more about customization service here.

- Unique / Exclusive Projects:
At the moment im not accepting any projects from scracth as i always give priority to my Support Service and Customization Works. 

My Contact Information

Service Guarante

  • Templates with Maximum Optimization.                                                                         
  • All templates include a Video Tutorial.                    
  • Fast Support. Less than 6 hours (average).             
  • Premium resources at lower prices.