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Minix NGC-1 Windows 10 Mini PC Full Review

Minix NGC-1 Windows 10 Mini PC Prices & Availability:

Full review of the latest Mini PC from Minix, the NGC 1 Windows 10.

Features the Intel Quad Core Cpu Celeron N3150, 4GB DDR3 Ram, 128GB M.2 SSD with Windows 10 Home Edition 64 Bits.

In terms of built quality this is so far the most well designed mini pc that i have tested so far here on the channel, it has a Brushed aluminum construction that makes this device really solid and beautiful with a high level of detail.
The only device that i have similar in terms of quality is my Mac Mini that i could compare in terms of materials

Enjoyed the experience with dual displays in multi tasking using word, excel, powerpoint, email reading and internet browsing.

The experience as a Media player i used Kodi and Plex and its capable of being used as a Plex Server for multiple devices. I used the Gsmart Classic, Zoppo Speed 7 Plus, Iphone 6 and Ipad Mini 2 simultaneously with no issues at all playing Sintel, Big Buck Bunny and Tears of Steal.

I bench marked the Minix NGC-1 with:
– Disk Speed Test, Geekbench 3, Network Speed Test, 3D Mark Score and a CPU Stress Test.

Overall was a great experience with this Mini PC.

Things I did Like The Most:
– Excellent Built Quality
– Capable of Driving 2 Displays
– Fast Ethernet & Wifi Speeds
– Fast SSD
– Can Be Upgraded (Ram & SSD)

Things i Did Like The Least:
– So far Nothing.
(I had a few issues with Kodi on H265 movie playback but on Plex it played fine the 1080p version and the 4K being not smooth so my guess is that its a software / drivers / codecs problem and not the machine it self)

Hope you guys enjoy the video
All the Best
Roberto Jorge

– Tears of steel used as test under CC 3.0 @

– Big Buck Bunny used as test under CC 3.0 @

– Sintel used as test under CC 3.0 @

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