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TerraMaster D2-310 Raid Storage Unboxing & Review

TerraMaster D2-310 Prices:

The Terramaster D2-310 has a USB Type-C / A connection and it houses 2.5″ or 3.5″ Hard Drives.

– User Guide
– USB Type-C to USB Type-C Cable
– USB Type-C to USB Type-A Cable
– Power Adapter
– Screws to hold the Hard Drives or SSDΒ΄s
– TerraMaster D2-310 Enclosure

The D2-310 can take up to 2 Hard Drives and Up to 16TB of Storage in Total.

This external enclosure has a USB Type-C connection and the maximum speed that i could get was 430 MBS on R/W with the Samsung 840 EVO and i will test as soon as possible with another SSD in RAID 0 because it give a little bit more of speed.

Overall the experience was above average, we have seen other units from Terramaster and what i see is that they keep improving on their devices so they are on the right track.

A few weeks ago we tested the D5-300 and although it was a really nice enclosure, the D2-310 has some features that make it a really solid option such as the sleep function and hardware Raid.

Speed Tests:

SEAGATE 2TB Barracuda:
– RAID 1: 194 MBS Write | 200 MBS Read
– RAID 0: 390 MBS Write | 390 MBS Read
– JBOD: 194 MBS Write | 200 MBS Read
– SINGLE: 194 MBS Write | 200 MBS Read

– RAID 1: 140 MBS Write | 140 MBS Read
– RAID 0: 260 MBS Write | 280 MBS Read
– JBOD: 140 MBS Write | 140 MBS Read
– SINGLE: 140 MBS Write | 140 MBS Read

– SINGLE: 290 MBS Write | 420 MBS Read
– RAID 1: Not Tested
– RAID 0: Not Tested
– JBOD: Not Tested

Kingston V300 SSD:
– SINGLE: 130 MBS Write | 150 MBS Read

* I did not perform any Raid tests with the SSDΒ΄s because the Kingston v300 was slowing down the Samsung performance.

In Conclusion:

Things i did like the most:
– Built Quality
– Design
– Silent Machine During Operation and Dead Silent at Sleep
– Great Read / Write Speeds
– Easy to Setup and Use

Things i did Like The Least
– Screws to Hold the Drives




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