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How to SETUP a KODI SERVER on a Android TV Box?

Here we are with another Video Tutorial and on this video we are going to see SETUP a KODI SERVER on a Android TV Box.

Devices & Aps:
Probox2 Air: https://youtu/h.be4Vas2QMV4E
ES Explorer:

1- Get PHP Runner:
2- Install & Follow the Video
3- Run PhpMyAdmin – Enter with “root” user and blank password
(We may follow on the box or type on any computer on the network the Box Ip Adress eg:
4- Create a User on PhpMyAdmin Database “kodi” & pass “kodi” grant privileges as showed on video.
5- Create “advancedsettings.xml” as i showed on the video
(page here: (follow the video instructions)
6- Paste the “advancedsettings.xml” on any machine with Kodi and depending on the OS the localization will be different check here:
7- To paste on Android devices use EFS Explorer and chose “Show Hidden Files” and proceed as shown on video.
8- That is it, once we open Kodi on any machine that has the “advancedsettings.xml” it will create 2 new tables on our database.
9- Finally use one of your machines to tell Kodi wher you have your movie library and BAM!! Every single machine with the “advancedsettings.xml” will have a centralized “Kodi Server”

More help:

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