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I3 VS I5 VS I7 for Gaming Which CPU is right for You?

Which CPU is right for you when it comes toGaming?
In this video i will comparing the I3 vs I5 Vs I7 Hawell CPUs and sharing the results.

Check the results for Video Editing @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tfnAFdDqZJo

Parts and Prices:
I3 – http://goo.gl/UB5rWQ
I5 – http://goo.gl/dnrYvc
I7 – http://goo.gl/T8sSNz
H81 – http://goo.gl/wmkTqg
Pro – http://goo.gl/TezpZa
Expert – http://goo.gl/pbu9Zc

GTX 760 – http://goo.gl/oqOxhN
Ram – http://goo.gl/h0feki

Hope this video helps your decision


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