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Zidoo X5 Android TV Box Full Review

Zidoo X5 Prices & Availability:

This is my review of the Zidoo X5 that features the new Amlogic S905 Cpu, the Pentacore Mali 450, 1gB of DDR3 Ram and 8GB of Flash Storage with Android Loliipop 5.1.1

I benchmarked the Zidoo X5 with:
– Disk Speed Test, Antuntu, Geekbench 3, Network Speed Test, 3D Mark Score & Epic Citadel.

Tested the Zidoo X5 with:
– Big Buck Bunny, Tears of Steal and Sintel Movies with H264 and H265 Codecs at 1080p resolution without any problems whatsoever.
– 4K on the other hand played smothly on lighter files such as Big Buck Bunny & Sintel but heavier files such as Tears of Steal Kodi becomes unresponsive, and the same hapen with the 10 Bit video samples movies from Samsung, The Iceland and Dive Into The New World, both Ultra HD 10 bit video.

In terms of Android gaming platform the Zidoo X5 is capable of playing the most demanding games but i faced a few delays and even some crashes in Asphalt 8 Airborn, Respawnables was fine.

Also capable of Game Streaming which is great.

Airplay was problematic. I always use Airpin Pro and to mirror the iphone i had to open the app it self which should be running on the background. In terms of mirroring the Imac was impossible at this time.

Hopefully Zidoo will fix those issues as they have been doing so in the past and when they do i will update you guys.

Things I did Like The Most:
– Refreshing Design
– Fast Ethernet Connection
– Capable of Game Streaming
– It has Online Updates

Things i Did Like The Least:
– Very Slow Wifi Connection
– Resolution Forced at 720p by the firmware
– 10 Bit and Heavy 4K videos make the X5 Unresponsive
– Heavy Gaming is Problematic
– Airplay from the Imac was Impossible at this time

Hope you guys enjoy the video
All the Best
Roberto Jorge

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– Tears of steel used as test under CC 3.0 @

– Big Buck Bunny used as test under CC 3.0 @

– Sintel used as test under CC 3.0 @

– Samsung Samples UHD 10 BIT:


Dive Into the New World:

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