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About Me

Hi, I’m Roberto Jorge.

My Background in Motion Graphics

• Since i was a kid that i loved playing with my Dad´s “kodak” and his huge Camcorder 🙂

• I have a great passion for Motion Graphics and Photography.• Since 2000 that i develop projects regarding Motion Graphics, mainly to local business purposes and personal / friends requests.

• In 2010 i decided to go a little bit further and successfully started to make some of my work available worldwide trough some on-line marketplaces like Videohive which has had a good acceptance and feedback.

• Don’t like to sleep much, in fact if it was possible i wouldn’t sleep at all, in my opinion it’s just a waste of time 🙂 .

My Background in Youtube Reviews…

• The Youtube channel started as a hobby, so that i could share my experience with some of the gadgets, computers & other devices that i use in my daily usage.

• In 2014, the channel started to get a bit more of attention and a lot of requests from the Portuguese community to create content in Portuguese.

• In Jan 2015, i made the decision of opening a Portuguese Youtube channel that has been growing slowly but at a steady paces.

• Both channels are still a Hobby, i love to spend my free time reviewing and sharing with the community my experiences with gadgets, but honestly is becoming a bit more serious, so lets see where this will lead us.

A Bit More About Me…

• Love spending time with my family & friends, in particular my 2 Kids.

• I speak Portuguese and fluent English (With Accent off course 🙂 ).

• Im a teacher and Corporate Trainer in the area of Restaurant and Bar Management, Enology and Wine Tasting, which i love.

• Previously i achieved my dream professional rank as a Hotel Chain, Food & Beverages Manager, but after 5 years in that (Spectacular Position) my oldest was born and i realized that on his 1st year of life i almost hadn’t time with him since i was 16-18 hours / day on the Hotels.

• Although we earn a LOT more 🙂 in the Private Hotel Business instead of being a Corporate Trainer, at this moment i have a well balanced Professional & Personal life, having time for everything including my Motion Graphics works and also my Youtube Adventures that i love by the way.

• I started to work when i was 12 (School Holidays against my mums will 🙂 )  cleaning swimming pools.

• The 1st time i took Holidays from work i was 29 years old, and was when my 1st son was born, until then oh well and when i had a job that gave me some free time i would get a second job.

“Keep Working Hard and Never Give Up Dreaming…”